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Along the banks of The River Nile the oldest civilisation known to humanity began.Also known as The Great River of Life, the Nile, was and still is, considered to be the most influential resource in Egypt; giving life to valleys nearby and creating a fruitful environment for the Ancient Egyptians to farm and build glorious monuments.Drifting through The Great River of Life, The M/S Nile Jewel accompanies you through a once in a lifetime experience across the ancient civilisations of Egypt and their unforgettable history. While tailoring excursions, the Nile Jewel will host your cozy nights and bright mornings correspondingly to schedules; therefore providing the perfect balance between a relaxing sojourn and the adventures and wonders that Egypt treasures. The Italian-owned boat will reassure that the outdoor experience can compete alongside the indoor services and facilities that The Nile Jewel has to offer.

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