Kitchener’s Island also goes by the names of both Plantation Island and the Aswan Botanical Gardens. Lying directly to the west of the Elephantine Island, Kitchener’s Island was actually given to Lord Horatio Kitchener at the very end of the 19th century during the time when he was the actual commander of Egypt’s army. Lord Kitchener spent many years transforming the gardens into a horticultural wonderland, with flowers and plants from all over Africa, India and beyond. Covering just over 6.5 hectares / 16 acres and now owned by the state, tourists will find that the main attractions at the Aswan Botanical Gardens include endless seasonal flowers, a world-class collection of lush palm trees, more than 400 different species of exotic and subtropical vegetation and picnicking with some exceptional views. The felucca ride to Kitchener’s Island itself is also particularly enjoyable.